HearthMasters Newsletter Service for Chimney Professionals makes your company stand out and allows you to keep your name in front of your customers while providing helpful information for your clients. 

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Newsletter Service

For Chimney Professionals

We do all the work—and you keep in contact with your customers!

 Monthly Newsletter sent to your contacts directly to their email address

Includes professionally written articles that are specific to the season, information about your company, your logo, contact info, website link, and coupon (if desired) in each issue. Articles are region specific.

 From the publisher of Wood-Fired Magazine—articles are written by industry veteran Marge Padgitt and her team. Newsletters go out on or near the first day of the month. WE make YOU look professional!
The client is responsible for entering their contacts into the database on Constant Contact and keeping the list current.

 Just $50 per month plus a one time set up fee of $125

or pay $540 in advance for monthly fees (annual) and save 10%!

Plus fees from Constant Contact $20 - $90 per month for 500 - 10,000 customers

 Call 816-461-3665 or email mp@hearthmasters.net for more information