HearthMasters Education 


     We offer display advertising and classified                  ads in Wood--Fired Magazine


Ads may be in full color or black and white. Camera-ready copy is required in digital format by e-mail.  No Adult (X-rated), political, or religious content allowed.

We reserve the right to refuse to print advertising that we deem inappropriate.
Page size is 8 1/2" x 11", with a 1/2" border.

Graphic services available at $50 per hour if requested or we can recommend a graphic artist.

Submit ads to the editor in jpg, Adobe, or tiff format (jpg preferred) to ympadgitt@yahoo.com with
“Wood-FiredAD” in the subject line.  Photos and ads must be in high resolution (300dpi or greater) for print.

The deadline is the 1st day of the month preceding publication unless we have space available. We publish quarterly, on or about the end of the first month or the beginning of the second month.

Publication: The magazine is available in print or digital format, or by subscription quarterly. Notification is distributed through our own opt-in e-mail list and through 20 chat lists and social media (approximately 50,000 people), and we continue to grow the distribution monthly. You will
receive the magazine in your inbox as a PDF file. 

Demographics: Our readers are typically between the ages of 30—65, have a college education, and are in the middle to upper income bracket. Our target audience is homeowners, architects, builders, masons, chefs, restaurant owners, and chimney technicians.

                                                          See our Media Kit for more information